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Brace Treatment Process for Pectus Carinatum: How Long Does It Take?

Pectus carinatum, commonly known as pigeon chest, is a deformity where the chest wall protrudes outward. One of the treatment methods for this condition is orthotic therapy. Orthotic therapy is a non-invasive method that uses specially designed chest braces. How does this treatment process work and how long does it last? Here are the details:

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Fundamentals of Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic therapy involves the use of a specially designed chest brace that is tailored to physically correct the abnormal protrusion of the chest wall. This brace is customized to the degree of deformity and the patient's body structure. The purpose of the orthosis is to gradually bring the chest back to its normal shape by applying consistent pressure.

Treatment Process and Duration

The duration of orthotic therapy varies depending on the patient's age, the severity of the deformity, and individual responses to the treatment. Generally, the treatment process includes the following steps:

  1. Assessment and Orthosis Design:

  • Before starting the treatment, a detailed physical examination of the patient is conducted, and measurements of the chest wall are taken.

  • Based on this information, a patient-specific orthosis is designed and manufactured.

  1. Application and Adjustment of the Orthosis:

  • The orthosis is adjusted to fit the patient's chest wall. This process is crucial to maximize the patient's comfort and the effectiveness of the orthosis.

  • Depending on the patient's progress, the settings of the orthosis are periodically updated.

  1. Regular Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Throughout the treatment, regular medical check-ups are conducted.

  • During these check-ups, the fit of the orthosis, the comfort of the patient, and the response to the treatment are evaluated.

  1. Follow-up:

  • Orthotic treatment typically concludes within 6 to 24 months, but this timeframe can vary depending on individual differences.

  • Even after the treatment ends, periodic medical examinations are recommended to prevent the recurrence of the deformity.

Effectiveness of the Treatment

Orthotic therapy is an effective and safe method for managing pectus carinatum. Most patients observe significant improvements in the shape of their chest during and after the treatment. The therapy plays a crucial role in enhancing the patient's quality of life and addressing aesthetic concerns.

In summary, orthotic treatment for pectus carinatum can provide effective results when properly applied and continued for a sufficient duration. However, the success of the treatment depends on the patient's adherence to the therapy and regular medical follow-ups.

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