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Does Vacuum Bell treatment for pectus excavatum harm the patient's body or organs?

Pectus excavatum is a condition in which the rib cage is sunken inwards and can cause both aesthetic and physical discomfort. One of the methods used to treat this condition is Vacuum Bell therapy. However, people with pectus excavatum and their families are often curious about whether Vacuum Bell therapy causes any damage to the patient's body or organs.

What is Vacuum Bell Therapy?

Vacuum Bell is a non-surgical treatment that aims to help correct pectus excavatum using negative pressure applied to the chest. This device, which must be used daily by the user for a certain period of time, can help pull the rib cage outwards and reduce the deformity over time.

Safety and Side Effects

Vacuum Bell therapy is considered a low-risk and safe treatment method. However, as with any medical procedure, some side effects may be experienced during the use of Vacuum Bell. The most common side effects are mild bruising, redness of the skin or mild irritation of the skin in the area where the device is applied. These effects are usually temporary and resolve with discontinued use of the device.

More serious side effects are extremely rare and are usually associated with improper use of the device. Therefore, before starting Vacuum Bell therapy, it is important to get detailed information about the techniques and duration of use under the guidance of a health professional.

Risk of Damage to Organs

Vacuum Bell has a very low risk of directly damaging body organs. The therapy works by externally applied controlled pressure on the rib cage and has no direct effect on internal organs. However, in people with severe pectus excavatum and who already have pressure on some organs due to the rib cage deformity, it is important to have an additional evaluation before using the Vacuum Bell. In this case, treatment should be customized, taking into account the patient's general health status and any existing complications.


Vacuum Bell therapy is an effective and safe method of treating pectus excavatum. However, being under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional before and during this treatment minimizes potential side effects and ensures the best results. The correct use of the device minimizes the risk of any side effects or complications, while maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. It is therefore recommended that patients and families considering Vacuum Bell therapy consult a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation and consultation. This approach ensures that the treatment process is both safe and effective.

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