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Pectus Disease and Chronic Pain: Long-Term Pain Management

What is Pectus Disease?

Pectus disease is a condition that occurs when the chest wall is abnormally shaped. The most common types are known as pectus excavatum (shoemaker's chest) and pectus carinatum (pigeon chest). These deformities can cause chronic pain as well as aesthetic concerns.

Pectus and Chronic Pain

Pectus deformities cause abnormal shaping of the rib cage and surrounding muscles. This can lead to long-term pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than three months and negatively affects the quality of life.

Chest Pain

People with pectus disease may experience constant pain in the chest area. This pain can increase, especially during physical activity, and can make daily life difficult.

Back and Shoulder Pain

An abnormal shape of the rib cage can also cause tension in the back and shoulder muscles. This can lead to long-term back and shoulder pain.

Breathing Problems

Pectus deformities can cause the lungs to fail to expand sufficiently, leading to shortness of breath. This can cause discomfort during exercise and even at rest.

Chronic Pain Management

There are various methods to manage chronic pain associated with pectus disease. Here are some effective pain management strategies:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help strengthen the chest muscles and improve flexibility. Regular exercise can be effective in reducing pain.

Pain Relief Medications

Painkillers recommended by your doctor can help you manage chronic pain. These medicines help you to perform activities of daily living more comfortably.

Surgical Intervention

In severe cases, surgical intervention may be necessary. Surgical procedures such as the Nuss operation and the Ravitch operation can reduce pain by correcting the shape of the rib cage.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage therapy and yoga can also help to reduce pain. These methods are aimed at relaxing the body and reducing muscle tension.

A Pain-Free Life with Pectuslab

At Pectuslab, we are here to help you cope with the chronic pain associated with pectus disease. Our expert team helps you manage your pain by offering personalized treatment plans. You can contact us for more information about pectus disease and chronic pain management and to learn the most suitable treatment methods for you.

Pectuslab We are with you for a healthy life.

In this article, we have provided information about pectus disease and chronic pain management. It is important to apply the right treatment methods to minimize the pain caused by pectus deformities and improve your quality of life. As Pektuslab, we are happy to be with you in this process. Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information and appointments.

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