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Orthotic Treatment and Recurrence Risk: Relapses Post-Treatment

Orthotic treatment is a widely adopted method for correcting chest wall deformities such as Pectus Carinatum. However, one significant concern that remains post-treatment is the risk of recurrence—meaning the deformation returning. This article will discuss recurrence rates following orthotic treatment and offer recommendations for preventing such occurrences.

Recurrence Rates After Orthotic Treatment

Orthotic treatment involves using a custom-fitted brace to exert pressure and correct the chest wall. Regular check-ups during and after treatment are crucial to monitor the adequacy of the pressure and the status of the deformity. Despite these measures, there is still a risk of recurrence after completing the treatment, particularly in children and adolescents, as their bodies continue to grow.

The recurrence rates following orthotic treatment vary depending on several factors, such as the timing of treatment initiation, the duration of treatment, and the correct application of the orthosis. Statistically, recurrence rates after orthotic treatment can range from 10% to 50%, highlighting the importance of personalized treatment application.

Measures to Prevent Recurrence

To minimize the risk of recurrence and ensure the sustainability of treatment outcomes, the following measures can be taken:

  • Long-term Care: Regular medical visits post-treatment are vital. These check-ups are critical for early detection and intervention in case of a potential recurrence.

  • Proper Application of the Orthosis: The correct application of the orthosis during and after the treatment significantly impacts reducing the recurrence rate. The orthosis must be correctly fitted and adjusted as needed.

  • Physical Activities and Exercises: Engaging in regular physical activities and exercises to strengthen the chest muscles after treatment can help support the chest wall and prevent the deformity from reappearing.

  • Education and Awareness: Patients and their families should be thoroughly informed about the treatment process and the risk of recurrence. Educating them increases patient compliance and motivation, enabling them to be proactive in combating recurrence.

Recurrence after orthotic treatment is a noted concern among many patients. However, this risk can be minimized with proper treatment planning, strict supervision, and appropriate lifestyle modifications. Post-treatment measures are crucial to maintain the patient's quality of life and enhance their health status.

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