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Rib Flare 

The Gpad Rib Flare Bandage is designed for patients who have a wing shaped protrusion of the rib cage

PectusLab Bandage


Enhanced breathability with a perforated structure, allowing the wrapped area to breathe and stay cool

Its soft and elastic nature promotes undisturbed blood circulation, contributing to overall healthier blood flow.


The special texture prevents allergies and itching for a comfortable experience.


Maintains permanent elastic properties throughout use.


Crafted from cotton yarn and gipe rubber, ensuring elasticity and air permeability.


Sterilizable and washable with warm water, promoting hygiene with soap.


Quick-drying and reusable, eliminating the need for ironing.

Prof. Dr.Mustafa YUKSEL 
Pektus Klinik

What is Pectus Excavatum (Shoemaker's Chest) Deformity? What are the Treatment Options?




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