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Rib Flare 

The Gpad Rib Flare Brace is developed by PectusLab to treat the wing shaped protrusion of the rib cage



Non-surgical Treatment for Rib Flare

Gpad Rib Flare Brace ensures effective results throughout the treatment period, thanks to its robust design.

Uniquely designed pads, crafted from non-toxic materials like Poliform EVA Sponge and EPDM, provide gentle pressure, prioritizing comfort.

The adjustable built of the pads allow precise positioning on the ribs.

Durable side buckles offer a secure fit. With this brace, there's no need for additional support during treatment, as it can easily be adjusted and customized to the patients needs.

The brace's movable components enhance ventilation and usability, promoting comfort throughout the treatment journey. 

Gpad's soft covers are washable ensuring hygiene and convenience.

Prof. Dr.Mustafa YUKSEL
Pectus Clinic

What is Pectus Excavatum (Shoemaker's Chest) Deformity? What are the Treatment Options?




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