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Safety of Vacuum Bell Therapy: Is it Harmful to the Body?

Vacuum therapy is a method primarily used to correct thoracic deformities such as pectus excavatum (sunken chest). This treatment helps correct the deformity by applying negative pressure to the chest. However, like any medical treatment, vacuum therapy also carries potential risks and side effects. In this article, we will discuss the safety of vacuum therapy, potential harms, and side effects.

Safety of Vacuum Bell Therapy

Vacuum therapy is commonly used to treat pectus excavatum and has been successful in many cases. The treatment is performed using a special device that applies continuous or intermittent negative pressure to the chest. The safety of this method is generally high when it is properly applied and supervised by experienced medical professionals.

Potential Harms and Side Effects

Like any medical intervention, vacuum therapy has some potential risks and side effects:

  1. Bruising and Skin Irritation:

  • Bruising, redness, or irritation of the skin may occur in the area where the vacuum device is applied. This is usually due to how the device is applied and can be minimized by properly adjusting the settings.

  1. Pain and Discomfort:

  • Some patients may experience pain or discomfort during the treatment. This is more common in the early phases of the treatment and may decrease over time.

  1. Structural Changes to the Chest:

  • Long-term vacuum therapy can cause unwanted structural changes to the chest. Therefore, regular medical monitoring is important during the treatment.

  1. Risk of Infection:

  • Altering the integrity of the skin and the way the device is applied can increase the risk of infection. Ensuring sterile conditions and proper cleaning of the device helps reduce this risk.


The safety of vacuum therapy varies depending on the technique used and the individual situation of the patient. Before starting the treatment, consider the following recommendations:

  • Ensure the experience and expertise of the medical professional conducting the therapy.

  • Attend regular medical check-ups during the treatment.

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the frequency and duration of using the device.

  • Seek medical help immediately if you experience any side effects or unusual symptoms.

In conclusion, vacuum therapy can be an effective and safe treatment method for deformities like pectus excavatum when properly conducted and medically supervised. However, careful management is required to handle potential side effects and risks.

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