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Correction Rates of Orthotic Treatment for Pectus Carinatum: Success Statistics

Pectus carinatum, commonly known as "pigeon chest," is a condition where the chest wall protrudes outward. This condition can lead to both aesthetic and physiological issues. Orthotic treatment is a non-invasive and effective method used to correct the deformity of pectus carinatum. In this article, we will examine the correction rates of orthotic treatment and the overall effectiveness of this therapy.

pectus carinatum healed

Fundamentals of Orthotic Treatment

Orthotic treatment involves the use of a specially designed chest brace that helps correct the chest wall. This brace is customized to the severity of the deformity and the patient’s body structure. The treatment applies regular pressure to the chest, encouraging the chest wall to gradually return to its normal position.

Treatment Process and Correction Rates

Orthotic treatment is typically applied to children and adolescents because their skeletal systems are more flexible and thus more responsive to the treatment. The treatment process and outcomes can be summarized as follows:

  1. Assessment and Measurement:

  • Before starting treatment, a detailed physical assessment is performed. This forms the basis for personalizing the treatment.

  1. Orthosis Application:

  • The custom-designed orthosis is worn for set hours throughout the day. Typically, a few hours of application per day are required.

  1. Regular Checks and Adjustments:

  • Throughout the treatment, the fit of the orthosis and the patient's progress are regularly evaluated. Adjustments are made as necessary.

  1. Evaluation of Results:

  • Treatment generally lasts from several months to a few years. Correction rates are usually 100%, indicating that the treatment is highly effective.

Effectiveness of the Treatment and Patient Responses

Various clinical studies and patient reports have shown that orthotic treatment is highly effective in treating pectus carinatum. The majority of patients report significant improvement in the shape of the chest and aesthetic enhancement during the treatment period. Additionally, pain or discomfort during and after treatment is minimal.

In conclusion, orthotic treatment is a reliable and effective method for correcting pectus carinatum deformities. The success of the treatment is directly proportional to regular application and professional monitoring. Active participation by patients and their families in the treatment process and adherence to recommended adjustments are critical to achieving the best results.

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