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Custom Manufacturing in the Treatment of Pectus Deformities: Tailored Solutions

Pectus deformities, such as pectus excavatum (sunken chest) and pectus carinatum (protruding chest), are structural abnormalities of the chest. Treatment methods include surgical interventions, orthotics, and vacuum therapies. For these treatment methods to be effective, custom manufacturing is of great importance. In this article, we will examine the benefits of custom-made treatment products and the process of their production.

pectus brace technician

Importance of Custom-Made Treatment Products

Custom-made treatment products are designed according to the anatomical features and specific needs of the patient. This offers numerous advantages compared to standard treatment methods:

  1. Better Fit and Comfort:

  • Custom-made products precisely fit the patient's body measurements, providing greater comfort during treatment and potentially increasing the usage duration of the product.

  1. Increased Effectiveness:

  • As the treatment is specifically tailored to the patient's unique deformity, the results are often more effective. For example, a custom-made orthotic can apply the necessary pressure to correct the deformity more accurately.

  1. Reduced Healing Time:

  • Custom-made treatment tools optimize the treatment process and can shorten the healing time. The correct pressure and support accelerate the correction process of the deformity.

Custom Manufacturing Process

The custom manufacturing process generally includes the following steps:

  1. Detailed Assessment:

  • The patient's physical characteristics are thoroughly evaluated. This assessment is carried out using measurements and sometimes imaging techniques.

  1. Design and Manufacturing:

  • The collected measurements and specific needs of the patient form the basis for the product's design. This design is then realized using modern manufacturing techniques.

  1. Application and Adjustments:

  • The manufactured treatment product is applied to the patient. After the first application, necessary adjustments are made to maximize the product’s effectiveness.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • During the treatment process, regular monitoring and evaluations are conducted. This allows for continuous optimization of the product function and the patient's healing process.

In conclusion, custom manufacturing in the treatment of pectus deformities offers the most optimal and effective solutions for patients. This approach enhances patient compliance and satisfaction during the treatment process, optimizes treatment outcomes, and accelerates the overall healing process. A personalized touch in the treatment process can significantly improve the quality of life for patients.

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